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Hamilton fluoride poll

The Waikato Times reports:

Hamilton voters have been asked and for a third time they have answered emphatically: put fluoride in our drinking water.

Just two weeks before local body election ballots close, a new Waikato Times poll, out today, has found voters overwhelmingly support fluoridation.

The survey, conducted over a three-day period this week, shows 59 per cent support the reintroduction of the chemical – the same percentage as a Versus Research poll in June.

Some 26 per cent supported keeping city water supplies fluoride-free, a two-percentage-point increase.

Two per cent of those questioned refused to answer this week’s poll, while 13 per cent were unsure where they stood on the debate. There were 400 people polled with a margin of error of +/- 4.9 per cent.

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Hamilton Mayor poll

The Waikato Times reports:

The new poll puts Ms Hardaker’s support at 20 per cent, then Ewan Wilson with 10 per cent and Dave Macpherson at 6 per cent, but critically stages undecided voters – 49 per cent of those polled – as mayor-makers.


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Waikato views on same sex marriage

The Waikato Times reports:

This comes in the wake of a Waikato Times Versus Research poll this week of 600 people in the region, which found 46 per cent in support of gay marriage and 39 per cent opposed.

Women were more likely to support marriage equality, with 52 per cent in favour, compared with 35 per cent of men.

There was also a generational divide, with 50 per cent of over 55s against gay marriage and 62 per cent of people aged 18 to 39 for it.Wai

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Hamilton Poll

A Versus Research poll of 413 Hamilton residents for the Waikato Times found:

Hamilton East

  • David Bennett, National – 51.2%
  • Sehai Orgad, Labour – 19.5%
  • Don’t Know 22.4%

Hamilton West

  • Tim Macindoe, National, 41.8%
  • Sue Moroney, Labour – 31.3%
  • Don’t Know 31.3%

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Hamilton East and West polls

The Waikato Times and Versus Research have done polls in Hamilton East and Hamilton West.

Their online report does not specify the sample size or dates of the polls apart from “Monday and Tuesday evenings”.

Hamilton West Electorate Vote

  • Tim Macindoe (Nat) 37%
  • Martin Gallagher (Lab) 35%
  • Don’t Know 24%

Hamilton East Electorate Vote

  • David Bennett (Nat) 61%
  • Sue Moroney (Lab) 14%
  • Don’t Know 14%

Hamilton Party Vote

  • National 49%
  • Labour 25%
  • National 58% PV in Ham East and 40% in Ham West

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