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US Presidential Election 2012 poll

Stuff reports:

It would be much easier for Barack Obama to be re-elected in New Zealand than the United States.

An overwhelming majority of New Zealanders would vote for Barack Obama if they had the chance. Given a hypothetical vote, 66 per cent would favour Obama and a mere 7 per cent his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

New Zealanders have always favoured Democrats in UMR polling but never by such a big margin.

We like Obama a lot more, too. He has a handsome 82 per cent favourable/11 per cent unfavourable rating from New Zealanders. Fewer have an opinion on Romney, but it is breaking negative at 14 per cent favourable/31 per cent unfavourable.

New Zealanders expect Obama to prevail as well. Seventy per cent expect an Obama victory and 10 per cent a Romney victory.


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US military exercises poll

The NZ Herald reports:

A Herald-DigiPoll of 750 voters conducted shortly after the announcement of the Alam Halfa exercise suggests more people approve of the resumption of exercises, but not overwhelmingly.

Asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of the United States resuming military exercises in New Zealand,” 47.6 per cent approved, 44 per cent disapproved and 8.4 per cent didn’t know or wouldn’t say.

A surprising level of disapproval.

Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman said he was a little surprised and thought support for the exercises might be higher but respondents might have thought it involved ship visits.

I suspect so.

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