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The Hobbit

UMR polled in February 2013 on The Hobbit subsidies:

42% believe that the subsidy has been good value for money, while 38% feel it has not been good value for money.

70% of New Zealanders thought that companies should have to pay back subsidies, while 19% did not and 11% were unsure.


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Christchurch Schools

UMR have done a poll Christchurch schools:

  • 15% of New Zealanders said that the closures were inevitable and that the Government handled the situation well.
  • 63% felt that the closures were inevitable but that the Government could have handled the situation better
  • 22% believe that the schools should not be closed or merged at all.


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Scott Guy verdict poll

Stuff reports:

The survey of 750 New Zealanders aged 18 years and over, conducted in the days immediately after the verdict, shows almost half of the respondents believed Macdonald was guilty.

When asked “From what you have seen, heard or feel about the case, do you think it is more likely Ewen Macdonald is guilty or not guilty?” 48 per cent said guilty.

A further 20 per cent said not guilty, 28 per cent said they were unsure, and 4 per cent of people refused to answer. …

The survey also showed support for major changes to the criminal justice system similar to those advocated for by Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar this week.

This included getting rid of a defendant’s right to silence, which would mean they would be forced to give evidence at the trial. Of those surveyed, 61 per cent thought this was a good idea. …

Three-quarters of people thought juries should be able to return a verdict of “not-proven” alongside “not guilty” and “guilty,” as used in the Scottish legal system. A “not-proven” verdict is essentially an acquittal, but gives juries an option where they feel that the charges have not been proved but they equally cannot say the accused is “not guilty”.


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US Presidential Election 2012 poll

Stuff reports:

It would be much easier for Barack Obama to be re-elected in New Zealand than the United States.

An overwhelming majority of New Zealanders would vote for Barack Obama if they had the chance. Given a hypothetical vote, 66 per cent would favour Obama and a mere 7 per cent his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.

New Zealanders have always favoured Democrats in UMR polling but never by such a big margin.

We like Obama a lot more, too. He has a handsome 82 per cent favourable/11 per cent unfavourable rating from New Zealanders. Fewer have an opinion on Romney, but it is breaking negative at 14 per cent favourable/31 per cent unfavourable.

New Zealanders expect Obama to prevail as well. Seventy per cent expect an Obama victory and 10 per cent a Romney victory.


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Crafar Farms poll

Fairfax reports a poll by UMR. Key results were:

“Are you aware of the proposal to sell 16 agricultural properties, the Crafar farms, in the central North Island to an overseas company?

Yes: 87 per cent 
No: 12 per cent
Unsure: 1 per cent

“The Chinese company Shanghai Pengxin wants to buy the Crafar farms; do you support or oppose selling the farms to this Chinese company?”

Support: 21 per cent
Oppose:71 per cent
Unsure: 8 per cent

“Do you agree, or disagree, with this statement: ‘I don’t care what the nationality of the company is, 
I don’t want the farms to be sold to a foreign buyer’.”

Agree:  70 per cent
Disagree:  26 per cent
Unsure: 4 per cent


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UMR on foreign ownership

Stuff reports:

A UMR Research survey, commissioned by a North Island farmer group trying to buy the in-receivership Crafar dairy farms against a Chinese bid, showed 82 per cent of 500 respondents believed foreign ownership of farms and agriculture land was a “bad thing”. Only 10 per cent believed it a “good thing” and 8 per cent were unsure.

The online poll, which weighed and matched data with census data to ensure a nationally representative sample, also found Kiwis are not xenophobic in opposing a Crafar sale to the Chinese.

The main reasons given for not selling to foreign companies were to keep control of our primary resource, and so that Kiwis benefited from exports, not foreigners.

Though 81 per cent opposed Chinese companies being allowed to buy agricultural land, 76 per cent were against US buyers, 67 per cent did not want British companies buying, and Australia got a 54 per cent thumbs down.


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NZ view of other countries

UMR polled 750 NZers on their views of other countries.

The net positive ratings for each country were:

  1. Australia +66%
  2. Scotland +45%
  3. Wales +37%
  4. England +36%
  5. Japan +33%
  6. Germaany +33%
  7. Ireland +32%
  8. France +24%
  9. China +10%
  10. Brazil +9%
  11. India +6%
  12. USA +1%
  13. South Africa -8%
  14. Russia – 10%
  15. Greece -30%
  16. Pakistan -50%


  • If Australia not playing NZ, 46% support Australia
  • 33% support other country
  • If RWC Final had been Australia v South Africa 63% support Australia and 25% South Africa

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