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Colmar Brunton on Smacking

The One News Colmar Brunton Poll of 1,001 respondents from 25 to 29 July asked several questions on smacking:

  • 70% say they intend to vote in the referendum and 24% do not.
  • 20% say the referendum is a good use of public money and 76% do not.
  • 25% say the current law as it relates to smacking and child discipline is working and 63% say it is not.
  • 13% say they intend to vote yes in the referendum, and 83% vote no
  • 2% say it is ok to smack children under any circumstance, 83% say ok to smack under some circumstances and14% say not okay under any circumstances.

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Smacking Referendum Poll

Research NZ polled 481 people from 17 to 19 June:

  • Only 18% think the referendum is a good use of taxpayers money as the PM has said the Government is unlikely to change the law

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