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Religion in schools

UMR found:

  • 27% agree New Zealand schools should include classes on Christianity taught from a Christian perspective, with 47% disagreeing
  • 74% agree New Zealand schools should teach about the differences between religions but not about which religion is right with 12% disagreeing
  • 68% agree Evolution should be taught as the view of how life developed which is generally accepted by scientists with 14% disagreeing
  • 38% agree Evolution, creationism and intelligent design should be taught as equally valid explanations for how life developed with 38% disagreeing

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Christchurch Schools

UMR have done a poll Christchurch schools:

  • 15% of New Zealanders said that the closures were inevitable and that the Government handled the situation well.
  • 63% felt that the closures were inevitable but that the Government could have handled the situation better
  • 22% believe that the schools should not be closed or merged at all.


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Schools poll

ResearchNZ polled 500 adults:

  • 55% are in favour of schools being given an achievement rating based on their national standards results
  • 37% are against
  • 55% are also in favour of performance pay for school teachers
  • 39% are against

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