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Compulsory te reo Maori poll

Research NZ did a poll of 500 people from 4 to 12 August:

  • 38% say te reo Maori should be compulsory in all schools
  • 57% disagree
  • Amongst under 34 year olds, 50% support it being compulsory

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Oil Drilling Poll

ResearchNZ did a poll of 501 people from 22 to 30 June 2010.

  • 49% favour off shore drilling within NZ’s 200 km EEZ and 35% are against.
  • 63% have a more negative opinion of bP since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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ETS Poll

ResearchNZ polled 501 people from 22 June to 30 June on the Emissions Trading Scheme:

  • 58% said they do not understand the ETS well, 16% said they did and 24% were in the middle
  • 49% said they are in favour of the ETS, with 44% disagreeing
  • If costs increase for consumers then only 37% in favour and 63% against
  • 57% say NZ should lead by example when it comes to reducing emissions and 38% say wait and see what other countries do

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ResearchNZ on Maori Flag

ResearchNZ polled 500 New Zealanders from 8 to 10 September 2009 on flying the Maori flag.

  • 40% support flying a Maori flag alongside the New Zealand flag on all official occasions, and 51% disagree
  • Women and younger NZers far more likely to support flying a Maori flag on all official occasions

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ResearchNZ did a poll of 500 respondents from 8 to 10 September. Findings:

  • 45% want to retain MMP, 42% do not
  • 58% of under 25s want to retain MMP but only around 40% of over 55s

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Smacking Referendum Poll

Research NZ polled 481 people from 17 to 19 June:

  • Only 18% think the referendum is a good use of taxpayers money as the PM has said the Government is unlikely to change the law

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Superannuation poll

Research NZ polled 505 people from 4 to 11 June:

  • 72% aware that Govt has suspended contributions to NZ Super Fund
  • 73% concerned about whether future Governments can provide for retired NZers

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