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Auckland CBD Rail Loop poll

Research NZ polled 199 Aucklanders:

  • 63% approved of the plan to build an inner city rail loop
  • 29% disapproved

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Contraception for Beneficiaries

Stuff reports:

The public is right behind the Government’s plans to stop beneficiaries having babies.

Although critics have attacked the decision to provide free contraception for beneficiaries, two polls show the public loves the idea.

Nearly 80 per cent of respondents in a Sunday Star-Times reader poll supported funding long-term reversible contraception for female beneficiaries and their 16 to 19-year-old daughters. More than half wanted the Government to go further.

And a Research New Zealand poll found 65 per cent support, and that while those on low incomes were less likely to favour the proposal, there was still 54 per cent support among those earning less than $40,000.

Note the SST readers poll is not a scientific random poll.

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Firearms law poll

Research NZ polled 500 NZers from 14 to 22 September:

  • 83% support registration of individual firearms, with 15% against
  • 25% support the sale of semi-automatic guns and 72% want them banned

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Foreign Investment Poll by ResearchNZ

ResearchNZ polled 500 NZers from 14 to 22 September 2010:

  • 41% support overseas businesses being able to buy or invest in NZ farmland, and 53% are against
  • 53% of those aged under 35 are in favour but only 29% of those aged over 55

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Liquor Sale Hours

Research NZ did a poll of 500 people from 4 to 12 August. Respondents were asked what is the latest time bars should be able to stay open until. Note they were not asked whether there should be a nationwide closing time at all:

  • 26% (cumulatively) said by midnight
  • 63% said by 2 am
  • 81% said by 4 am
  • 19% of under 34 year olds said midnight, compared to 42% of over 55s

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Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia poll

Research NZ did a poll of 500 people from 4 to 12 August:

  • 47% say assisted suicide should be legal in NZ
  • 44% disagree
  • Only 39% of under 35s agree, but 51% of over 35s agree
  • 49% of Europeans agree but only 37% of Maori/Pacific agree

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2010 local body elections

Research NZ did a poll of 474 adults from 4 to 12 August. The proportion who said an issue would a lot of influence of now they vote were:

  • Safety 57%
  • Rates 55%
  • What candidate stands for 53%
  • liquor licensing 37%
  • public transport 36%
  • traffic congestion 34%
  • traffic enforcement 29%
  • sports and cultural funding 25%

74% said they were very likely to vote,

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