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Euthanasia Poll April 2015

Research NZ surveyed 501 people:

  • 74% support doctors being allowed to end a patient’s life if they request it and have a painful incurable disease
  • 20% opposed to doctors being allowed to end a patient’s life if they request it and have a painful incurable disease
  • 51% support a close relative being allowed to end a patient’s life if they request it and have a painful incurable disease
  • 41% opposed to a close relative being allowed to end a patient’s life if they request it and have a painful incurable disease

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GCSB powers poll

Research NZ asked 500 New Zealanders:

In the past the Government Communication Security Bureau, the GCSB, has not been permitted to monitor New Zealand residents. A law comes into force shortly that will allow the GCSB to monitor New Zealand residents as well as non-residents.

Are you in favour or not in favour of the GCSB being allowed to do this?

The results were:

  • 36% in favour
  • 52% not in favour

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Trust in MPs

ResearchNZ asked 1,000 NZers to rate on a 0 to 10 scale if they trusted certain professions. The percentages who gave an eight or higher was:

  • Ambulance Service 93%
  • Fire Service 91%
  • Doctors and nurses 81%
  • Police 70%
  • Teachers 61%
  • Lawyers 29%
  • People who work for Govt 22%
  • Local Councillors 14%
  • Journalists 11%
  • MPs 9%

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Constitutional Issues poll

Research NZ surveyed 500 NZers in March 2013. They found:

  • Only 33 percent of New Zealanders had heard of the Constitutional Review. 
  • The respondents were evenly split on the question of the need for a constitutional review. Some 44 percent believed there was a need and 44 percent did not.
  • On the question of whether Parliament alone should decide whether to adopt a new constitution, or whether a referendum should be held, there was an overwhelming majority in favour of a referendum being held, 79 percent being in favour of a referendum. Only 13 percent believed the decision to adopt a new constitution should be decided by parliament alone.
  • On the question of whether a new constitution should incorporate the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, some 58 percent were in favour and 35 percent were not. 
  • A majority of 58 percent of respondents were in favour of a four year parliamentary term. 
  • There is not a great deal of support for the suggestion that New Zealand should become a republic, some 28 percent being in favour and 62 percent against.

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Mining poll

ResearchNZ polled 500 adults:

  • 52% favour aeromagnetic surveying of minerals in world heritage sites
  • 37% are against
  • 42% support actual mining in world heritage sites that are not in Schedule 4
  • 49% are against

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Schools poll

ResearchNZ polled 500 adults:

  • 55% are in favour of schools being given an achievement rating based on their national standards results
  • 37% are against
  • 55% are also in favour of performance pay for school teachers
  • 39% are against

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Christchurch Cathedral poll

ResearchNZ polled 92 Cantabrians:

  • 48% supported the plan to demolish the cathedral to 2-3 metres and then rebuild it from there
  • 26% supported no further demolition and reconstruction
  • 15% supported neither option
  • 11% had no opinion

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Auckland CBD Rail Loop poll

Research NZ polled 199 Aucklanders:

  • 63% approved of the plan to build an inner city rail loop
  • 29% disapproved

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Contraception for Beneficiaries

Stuff reports:

The public is right behind the Government’s plans to stop beneficiaries having babies.

Although critics have attacked the decision to provide free contraception for beneficiaries, two polls show the public loves the idea.

Nearly 80 per cent of respondents in a Sunday Star-Times reader poll supported funding long-term reversible contraception for female beneficiaries and their 16 to 19-year-old daughters. More than half wanted the Government to go further.

And a Research New Zealand poll found 65 per cent support, and that while those on low incomes were less likely to favour the proposal, there was still 54 per cent support among those earning less than $40,000.

Note the SST readers poll is not a scientific random poll.

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Firearms law poll

Research NZ polled 500 NZers from 14 to 22 September:

  • 83% support registration of individual firearms, with 15% against
  • 25% support the sale of semi-automatic guns and 72% want them banned

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