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Q+A poll on Iraq

One News reports:

A special ONE News Colmar Brunton Poll shows most people believe the main reason the Government is sending troops to Iraq to support the fight against ISIS is to remain in a good relationship with our allies, the United States and Britain.

  • 49% of those surveyed said the main reason New Zealand troops are heading to Iraq to help train Iraqi security forces is to maintain good relationships with the US and UK.

  • 30% believed the troops are going there because it is the right thing to do.

  • 9% said it is for some other reason.

  • 11% don’t know.

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Q+A Northland Poll

Q+A Poll of Northland:

  • Mark Osborne, Nat 36%
  • Winston Peters, NZF 36%
  • Willow-Jean Prime, Labour, 20%

If Prime steps aside:

  • Winston Peters 51%
  • Mark Osborne 37%

Merge Northland Councils

  • Yes 18%
  • No 71%

Oil and gas drilling in Northland

  • 47% support
  • 42% oppose

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TVNZ Q+A Colmar Brunton poll in Epsom

One News reports:

Colmar Brunton Epsom poll results:

Who would you vote for with your electorate vote?

National Paul Goldsmith 44%
Act David Seymour 32%
Labour Michael Wood 10%
Green Julie Anne Genter 9%
Conservative Christine Rankin 4%
Internet Mana Pat O’Dea 0.8%
Independent Grace Haden 0.3%
Don’t know 8%

Were you aware John key is encouraging National Party supporters to give their electorate vote to the Act Party candidate?

Yes 70%
No 28%
Don’t know 2%

With this in mind, who would you now vote for with your electorate vote?

National Paul Goldsmith 31%
Act David Seymour 45%
Labour Michael Wood 9%
Green Julie Anne Genter 10%
Conservative Christine Rankin 4%
Internet Mana Pat O’Dea .08%
Independent Grace Haden 0.1%
Don’t know 13%

Do you support or oppose arrangements like the one John Key has made with the Act Party in Epsom?

Support 47%
Oppose 37%
Don’t know 16%

Which political party would you vote for?

National 60%
Green 16%
Labour 14%
NZ First 3.3%
Act 2.7%
Conservative 2.1%
Internet Mana 1.5%
Maori 0.6%
Don’t know 6%

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Q+A Colmar Brunton Poll May 2014

Colmar Brunton have done a poll of 500 respondents for TVNZ’s Q+A programme. Their findings:

  • 42% say Judith Collins should resign as a Minister and 42% disagree
  • 50% say her behaviour has been damaging to the Government, and 42% say it won’t make a difference
  • 46% say John Key has handled Collins and Williamson well and 42% say not well
  • 23% say these issues will influence their vote and 75% say they will not.

Stats Chat comments on this poll here.

Andrew at Grumpolie responds to some of the comments and analysis of the poll here.

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