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Pauline Colmar Poll on Crime issues

Pauline Colmar did a poll for the Sensible Sentencing Trust in May 2011 of 1,000 people. Findings:

  • 73% think prison sentences for violent crimes, (such as murder and rape), are too short with only 2% thinking they are too long
  • 61% think punishments given in New Zealand for Youth Offending, (such as graffiti, vandalism and petty theft), are too soft and only 2% think they are too hard
  • 86% think that if a person commits three crimes and is sentenced to one year prison for each crime, that their total sentence should be for 3 years; just 9% think the sentence should be for 1 year
  • 71% think DNA should be recorded for people arrested and 24% think not
  • Additionally, 65% think that the level of violent crime in New Zealand is getting worse and only 4% that it is getting better. 26% consider the level to be about the same.
  • The Sensible Sentencing Trust has high awareness with 65% of all New Zealanders 15+ years having heard of the Trust.


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