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ShapeNZ Emissions Trading Poll

Polling Company: ShapeNZ (part of New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development)

Poll Method: Internet Sample (not fully random)

Poll Size: 2,204 (2.1% margin of error)

Date: to to 11 September 2008

Client: NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development

Report: NZBCSD Media Release

References: NZ Herald

  • 25% says climate change is an urgent problem, 51% say a problem now , 9% a problem for later and 13% not a problem.
  • 25% say NZ’s response to climate change has been too quick, 39% about right and 33% too slow.
  • 39% support an ETS and 29% do not.
  • Only 10% say they are well informed on the ETS with 46% somewhat informed, 28% somewhat uninformed and 13% uninformed.

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