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North Shore City Colmar Brunton Poll on Auckland

Colmar Brunton did a poll for North Shore City Council on Auckland Governance. It was from 2 to 8 July 2009, and polled 801 ratepayers of North Shore, taken from the White Pages, with a minimum 250 per ward.

The results are weighted by ward population. They have asked for ratepayers only, so residents who do not pay rates may have been excluded.

  • 47% favour a super city and 36% are oppossed
  • 11% said their democratic representation would be better off, 48% much the same and 40% worse off
  • 80% agreed with the statement “All of the councillors on the new Auckland Council should be elected by people in their local area (that is ‘by Ward’) rather than elected by people across the whole region (that is ‘At Large’)”. Note in my opinion that question is faulty as it does not give the option of there being a mixture of wards and at large – as recommended by the Royal Commission and the Government.

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