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Climate Change Poll

UMR conducted a poll of 503 respondents in July and August on climate change issues, for the Greenhouse Policy Coalition:

  • 36% say the climate change issues is a serious or very serious concern (-7% from 43% in 2009)
  • 25% say NZ should reduce emissions, even if it reduces standard of living (-10%)
  • 58% say NZ should take part in an agreed international emissions scheme even if it costs every NZer $50 a year (-6%)
  • 18% say NZ should reduce emissions even if it costs jobs (-6%)
  • 45% agree controlling emissions is about saving the planet and should ot quibble over money (-11%)
  • 66% agree NZ should switch to more sustainable technologies, even if there is a cost to doing so (-13%)
  • On a 0 to 10 scale for fairness of putting a price on carbon emissions, 51% rate it 5 or higher (-6%)
  • 34% say they are informed about the ETS (+5%)
  • 46% say that climate change is a problem and is caused by human activity (+2%)
  • 33% say that climate change is a problem but there is no clear proof it is caused by human activity (-3%)
  • 19% say that climate change is not a problem (+1%)

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