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TVNZ Q+A Colmar Brunton poll in Epsom

One News reports:

Colmar Brunton Epsom poll results:

Who would you vote for with your electorate vote?

National Paul Goldsmith 44%
Act David Seymour 32%
Labour Michael Wood 10%
Green Julie Anne Genter 9%
Conservative Christine Rankin 4%
Internet Mana Pat O’Dea 0.8%
Independent Grace Haden 0.3%
Don’t know 8%

Were you aware John key is encouraging National Party supporters to give their electorate vote to the Act Party candidate?

Yes 70%
No 28%
Don’t know 2%

With this in mind, who would you now vote for with your electorate vote?

National Paul Goldsmith 31%
Act David Seymour 45%
Labour Michael Wood 9%
Green Julie Anne Genter 10%
Conservative Christine Rankin 4%
Internet Mana Pat O’Dea .08%
Independent Grace Haden 0.1%
Don’t know 13%

Do you support or oppose arrangements like the one John Key has made with the Act Party in Epsom?

Support 47%
Oppose 37%
Don’t know 16%

Which political party would you vote for?

National 60%
Green 16%
Labour 14%
NZ First 3.3%
Act 2.7%
Conservative 2.1%
Internet Mana 1.5%
Maori 0.6%
Don’t know 6%

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Epsom poll

The Herald on Sunday reports:

Banks, copping heavy criticism over donations from Kim Dotcom and SkyCity listed as being anonymous from his 2010 mayoralty bid, has lost a great deal of support, according to theĀ Herald on Sunday-Key Research survey.

Only 10 per cent of electors would vote for him now – down from 44.1 per cent at the election last November – and a National candidate would romp home.

More said they would vote for a Labour candidate than for Banks. In a party vote, the vast majority would vote National, and fewer than 1 per cent would vote Act.

Nearly half of voters – 46.7 per cent – say they have a lower opinion of Banks after his statements of the past week on local government election donations.

The telephone survey of 510 eligible voters in the Epsom electorate aged 18+ has a margin of error of +/- 4.34 per cent.

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Fairfax poll on Epsom

Stuff reports:

A Fairfax Media-Research Media International mini-poll of 200 eligible Epsom voters showed National’s Paul Goldsmith easily winning the seat on 45.5 per cent.

ACT candidate John Banks trailed on 29.1 per cent, while Labour’s David Parker had 14.6 per cent. The snap poll, taken on Tuesday, showed last Friday’s meeting with National leader John Key shifted support away from Mr Banks.

Almost 30 per cent said they were now less likely to vote for him. Just under 23 per cent said Mr Key’s public endorsement made it more likely they would favour Mr Banks. About 43 per cent said it made no difference. However, the poll also showed almost 40 per cent were undecided over the blue-ribbon seat, suggesting voters were waiting to see if National needed ACT as a support partner.

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UMR Epsom poll

NBR have published a poll done in Epsom of 400 voters taken on 7 an 8 October.

Electorate Vote

  • Paul Goldsmith, National – 42%
  • John Banks, ACT – 28%
  • David Parker, Labour – 19%
  • David Hay, Greens – 11%

Electorate Vote if John Key indicates he wants ACT to win Epsom

  • Paul Goldsmith, National – 25%
  • John Banks, ACT – 43%
  • David Parker, Labour – 19%
  • David Hay, Greens – 11%

Expect to win Epsom

  • Paul Goldsmith, National – 37%
  • John Banks, ACT – 53%
  • David Parker, Labour – 9%
  • David Hay, Greens – 1%

Party Vote

  • National 65%
  • Labour 19%
  • Greens 10%
  • ACT 4%

Don Brash as ACT Leader

  • Worked out poorly 47%
  • Made no difference 30%
  • Worked out well 14%
  • Unsure 9%


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Epsom Poll October 2011

The Herald on Sunday publishes results of a poll of 500 Epsom voters by Key Research,

Party Vote

  • National 67.6%
  • Labour 9.7%
  • ACT 5.7%
  • Greens 5.3%

Electorate Vote

  • National 32.9%
  • ACT 18.9%
  • Labour 4.3%
  • Greens 1.0%
  • Undecided 41.5%

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