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Welcome to curiablog, if you have managed to find it despite me not yet promoting it.

This blog will be a specialist blog on polls and polling, with a mainly New Zealand focus.

I hope it will provide the following information:

  1. A record of all public polls published within New Zealand, and links to the original data or at least media reports based on that data.
  2. A guide to useful information on polls and polling including FAQS on issues such as exit polls, why polls disagree etc etc. I will generally link the best overseas content where appropriate.
  3. Links to significant overseas polls.
  4. Links to and commentary on blog posts on polling from some of the international specialist blog sites.

Over time, it may develop into a useful discussion forum for staff, directors and customers of New Zealand polling companies.

It is not intended to be a partisan debating forum, despite the fact I am politically active. There are many other blogs for that.

I hope this blog will develop into a useful addition to the blogosphere.

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