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Curia poll on Sustainable Business Practices

Curia did a poll for BDO Spicers and Ideas Shop of 400 small and medium sized businesses.

BDO Spicers report on one aspect here, being the three biggest challenges facing SMEs. They were:

  1. Economy 37%
  2. Cash Flow 36%
  3. Attract and Retain talented staff 36%
  4. Reduced Sales 28%
  5. Red Tape 14%
  6. Staff Costs 13%
  7. Access to Capital 11%
  8. Higher input costs 11%
  9. Currency fluctuations 10%

It was interesting that despite increasing unemployment, there was still challenges in recruiting the right staff.

At Ideas Shop they have a report focusing more on the environmental, employment and charitable business practices of SMES:

  • Around 10% of SMES formally report on their sustainable business practices
  • 95% of SMEs undertake at least one environmentally sustainable business practice
  • 35% of SMEs offer wellness benefits such as counselling, fitness subsidies or independent financial advice
  • 93% of SMEs undertake at least one charitable activity
  • Time and money are the biggest barriers to incorporating further sustainable business practices

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