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Auckland Mayoralty Poll

The Herald reports a Digipoll of 750 Aucklanders:

  • Len Brown 28.9% (-0.7%)
  • John Banks 27.8% 9-0.9%)
  • Andrew Williams 1.0% (-3.9%)
  • Colin Craig 1.9% (-1.6%)
  • Undecided 35.2%
  • In a crisis such as an earthquake 27.9% would opt for Banks and 19.2% for Brown
  • If Chch Mayor Bob Parker stood, 36.2% said they would vote for him

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Christchurch Mayoralty Poll

A Press poll of 500 voters by Opinions Research found:

  • 43% had decided their Mayoral vote
  • Of those 50% supported Anderton and 31% Parker
  • 41% of voters were concerned by Anderton’s plans to hold two jobs, while 56% had no or little concern

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2010 local body elections

Research NZ did a poll of 474 adults from 4 to 12 August. The proportion who said an issue would a lot of influence of now they vote were:

  • Safety 57%
  • Rates 55%
  • What candidate stands for 53%
  • liquor licensing 37%
  • public transport 36%
  • traffic congestion 34%
  • traffic enforcement 29%
  • sports and cultural funding 25%

74% said they were very likely to vote,

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Auckland Council poll

The Herald reports a Herald Digipoll:

A Herald-DigiPoll survey found 36.3 per cent of Aucklanders believe C&R, which has controlled the Auckland City Council for many years, should control the new Auckland Council. A total of 39.9 per cent of respondents said C&R should not control it and 23.7 per cent did not know or refused to answer.

The poll found 54.8 per cent had heard of C&R and 43.7 per cent had not.

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Christchurch Mayoralty Poll

UMR did an online poll of 350 Christchurch residents from 27 May to 7 June 2010.

  • 46% prefer Anderton as Mayor, 21% Bob Parker and 22% undecided
  • In a head to head, Anderton 61%, Parker 30%
  • Bob Parker has a net approval rating of -14% and Jim Anderton is +42%
  • 64% say Christchurch is heading in the right direction and 28% wrong direction

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Curia poll on Auckland Mayoralty

Curia was commissioned to do a poll of 1,200 Auckland residents on the upcoming mayoral elections, on behalf of Hon John Banks. The poll was done over five days last week.

The client, has given permission for the topline results to be released publicly.

There are some differences in methodology from other recent polls on the Mayoralty. These are:

  1. The Curia poll sample and responses reflect turnout for the 2007 local govt elections. In other words, the proportion of responses from one particular territorial local authority is approximately the same proportion of votes cast in that TLA, as a share of the entire region.
  2. The Curia poll has a large sample of 1,200 responses, which has a margin of error of only 2.9%. A recent other poll had a 4.6% margin of error.
  3. The Curia poll asks respondents who would be their preference for Mayor, not who they think will be a better Mayor, as asked in a recent other poll.
  4. The Curia poll was taken as a snapshot over five days, the other recent poll was taken over seventeen days.
  5. The Curia poll was a short stand alone poll, not part of a longer omnibus poll.
  6. Two questions were asked – first an unprompted question on which Aucklander they would like to be Mayor, and then a second question asking their preference if it is a choice between Auckland Mayor John Banks and Manukau Mayor Len Brown.

The first question was:

If an election was held today for Mayor of the new Auckland Supercity, which Aucklander would you most like to be Mayor?

  1. John Banks 42.5%
  2. Len Brown 38.1%
  3. Bob Harvey 7.2%
  4. Stephen Tindall 4.8%
  5. Others 3.2%
  6. Paul Holmes 1.4%
  7. Mike Lee 1.3%
  8. Michael Barnett 1.3%
  9. Andrew Williams 0.4%

These are percentages of those who had an opinion. 34.1% of respondents could not or would not name a preferred Mayor unprompted.

The second question was:

If the choice for Mayor of the Auckland Super City was between Manukau City Mayor Len Brown and Auckland City Mayor John Banks, which one would be your preference?

John Banks 50.0%

Len Brown 50.0%

In a two way race, an identical number of respondents supported both John Banks and Len Brown.  14.8% of respondents were undecided, or would not express a preference.

The change since September

A poll was also done in September 2009 of 1,200 respondents. Changes between the two polls are:

  • Banks Unprompted – from 39.0% in Sep 09 to 42.5% in Feb 10
  • Brown Unprompted – from 44.5% in Sep 09 to 38.1% in Feb 10
  • Banks Prompted – from 45.1% in Sep 09 to 50.0% in Feb 10
  • Brown Unprompted – from 54.9% in Sep 09 to 50.0% in Feb 10

In my opinion this reflects the higher profile John Banks has had in the first two months of 2010, and lower profile of Len Brown.

John Banks’ press secretary, Scott Campbell, can be contacted on 021 426 342 or by e-mail if comment is desired.

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UMR poll on Auckland Mayor

UMR polled 482 Aucklanders as part of two omnibus surveys of 1,500 NZers in June and July 2009. The maximum margin of error at 95% confidence is 4.5%.

Questions were asked on possible two-way clashes for the Auckland Mayoralty.

John Banks vs Mike Lee has 35% Banks, 18% Lee, 22% unsure and 25% don’t know enough.

John Banks vs Len Brown has 34% Banks, 35% Brown, 14% unsure and 17% don’t know enough.

The demographic breakdowns have high margins of error. But the margins between Banks and Brown are:

  • Men +5% (Banks 5% ahead of Brown)
  • Women -6%
  • South Auckland -23%
  • Central Auckland +1%
  • East Auckland +0%
  • West Auckland +5%
  • North Shore +8%
  • Under 30s +16%
  • 30 – 44 yrs +1%
  • 45 – 59 yrs -15%
  • 60+ yrs -8%
  • Under $30K pers income -1%
  • $30 to $50k +18%
  • Over $50k -7%

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