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Wellington local government amalgamation poll

The Dominion Post reports:

Nearly three quarters of people living in the Wellington region do not want to be part of a proposed super-city, a new poll reveals.

Wellington City Council has released the results of a Nielsen survey it commissioned this month, which found just 26 per cent support across the Wellington region for merging its nine councils. …

Wellington City Council’s survey found support for the proposal was just 17 per cent in the Wairarapa and 18 per cent in Hutt Valley.

Support in Porirua and Kapiti was slightly higher at 29 per cent, while 30 per cent of those living in Wellington city were keen on the idea.

Wade-Brown said there was still an opportunity to re-think the super-city proposal and come up with a new approach.

The survey showed an alternative model with a separate Wairarapa council and one or more metro councils formed across the remainder of the region would have 50 per cent support.

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