Te Tai Tonga poll

Maori TV have a poll of Te Tai Tonga.

Party Vote:

  • Labour 43% (+4% from election)
  • National 17% (+2%)
  • Maori Party 16% (+2%)
  • Greens 10% (-6%)
  • NZ First 8% (-1%)
  • Internet Mana 6% (nc)

Electorate Vote

  • Labour 48% (+7%)
  • Maori Party 17% (-15%) (Note new candidate, in 2011 candidate was incumbent MP)
  • Greens 9% (-6%)
  • Mana 9% (+1%)

Annoying the news report does not say who did the poll, or the sample size, which is essential to include in any report.

UPDATE: The video does have details thought. It was done by Reid Research and the margin of error suggest around 500 responses.

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