One News Colmar Brunton on Hager allegations

A snap One News Colmar Brunton poll found:

  • 77% have heard of Hager book, 23% have not
  • 28% believe National organised smear campaigns, 43% do not and 29% unsure
  • 9% say revelations have negatively influenced their view of National, 4% positively influences and 82% no difference
  • 12% say now more likely to vote on election day, 1% less likely and 87% no difference

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  1. Pertinent, surely, is whether the believers / disbelievers were first qualified by whether they’d read it? Otherwise they’re essentially being asked whether they believe or disbelieve what they think was probably in it based on something a mate said at work the other day about what he thought he’d heard on the telly.

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