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GCSB powers poll

Research NZ asked 500 New Zealanders:

In the past the Government Communication Security Bureau, the GCSB, has not been permitted to monitor New Zealand residents. A law comes into force shortly that will allow the GCSB to monitor New Zealand residents as well as non-residents.

Are you in favour or not in favour of the GCSB being allowed to do this?

The results were:

  • 36% in favour
  • 52% not in favour

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Trust in MPs

ResearchNZ asked 1,000 NZers to rate on a 0 to 10 scale if they trusted certain professions. The percentages who gave an eight or higher was:

  • Ambulance Service 93%
  • Fire Service 91%
  • Doctors and nurses 81%
  • Police 70%
  • Teachers 61%
  • Lawyers 29%
  • People who work for Govt 22%
  • Local Councillors 14%
  • Journalists 11%
  • MPs 9%

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