Non Voting Poll

Colmar Brunton polled 1,097 voters and 272 non voters for the Electoral Commission.

  • 84% of voters voted on e-day, 16% prior
  • 37% of non voters were unaware of advance voting and of them, 59% say they would have voted if aware
  • 87% of respondents aware of referendum, being 93% of voters and 66% of non-voters
  • 67% of respondents felt fairly or very confident of knowing enough to make a decision for the referendum
  • 64% of non-voters considering voting
  • 43% of non voters decided not to vote on election day
  • Factors listed as significantly influencing the decision not to vote
    • Don’t trust politicians 53%
    • Obvious who would win 57%
    • Not interested in politics 54%
    • Makes no difference to me who wins 55%
    • My vote won’t make a difference 66%
    • Not enough info to choose 54%
    • Not like the personalities 68%

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