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90 days trial period poll

UMR did a poll on behalf of the CTU of 750 NZers from 9 to 12 September 2010. The question was:

Do you think that all employees should have the right to appeal if they think they have been unfairly dismissed, even if their dismissal was during the first 90 days of their employment?

80% said yes, and 18% no.

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Climate Change Poll

UMR conducted a poll of 503 respondents in July and August on climate change issues, for the Greenhouse Policy Coalition:

  • 36% say the climate change issues is a serious or very serious concern (-7% from 43% in 2009)
  • 25% say NZ should reduce emissions, even if it reduces standard of living (-10%)
  • 58% say NZ should take part in an agreed international emissions scheme even if it costs every NZer $50 a year (-6%)
  • 18% say NZ should reduce emissions even if it costs jobs (-6%)
  • 45% agree controlling emissions is about saving the planet and should ot quibble over money (-11%)
  • 66% agree NZ should switch to more sustainable technologies, even if there is a cost to doing so (-13%)
  • On a 0 to 10 scale for fairness of putting a price on carbon emissions, 51% rate it 5 or higher (-6%)
  • 34% say they are informed about the ETS (+5%)
  • 46% say that climate change is a problem and is caused by human activity (+2%)
  • 33% say that climate change is a problem but there is no clear proof it is caused by human activity (-3%)
  • 19% say that climate change is not a problem (+1%)

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