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Smacking Referendum Poll

Research NZ polled 481 people from 17 to 19 June:

  • Only 18% think the referendum is a good use of taxpayers money as the PM has said the Government is unlikely to change the law

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Superannuation poll

Research NZ polled 505 people from 4 to 11 June:

  • 72% aware that Govt has suspended contributions to NZ Super Fund
  • 73% concerned about whether future Governments can provide for retired NZers

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Cell phones in cars poll

Research NZ surveyed 505 people from 4 to 11 June:

  • 86% agree it should be illegal to use a cellphone when driving
  • However only 42% say this should apply to hands free phones

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ACT Telelink poll on Three Strikes Bill

The ACT Party commission Telelink to do poll of 500 respondents. The report is here.

  • 55% have heard of the Three Strikes policy
  • 35% strongly agree with it and 45% agree with it (note exact details were not given to respondents)
  • 73% want the ACT policy adopted by National as government policy

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