Asian Immigrants

A Colmar Brunton survey of 1,000 NZers for the Asia NZ Foundation has found the following:

  • 75% of NZers said Asia was important to NZ’s future. 86% rated South Pacific as important, 67% Europe (incl UK), 55% North America, 24% Latin America and 12% Africa
  • 91% rate exports to Asia as positive, 89% Asian tourism to NZ, 73% FTAs with Asia countries, 80% Asian economic growth, 78% tourism to Asia, 58% imports from Asia, 62% Asian culture and traditions, 46% Asian population growth and 53% immigration from Asia to NZ
  • “Net positive” ratings for the above are 87% exports to Asia, 83% Asian tourism to NZ, 58% FTAs with Asia countries, 70% Asian economic growth, 72% tourism to Asia, 33% imports from Asia, 48% Asian culture and traditions,14% Asian population growth and 27% immigration from Asia to NZ
  • The countries that people associate with Asia are China 86%, Japan 62%, Korea 46%, Thailand 30%, India 30%, Malaysia 28% etc
  • Personal contact with Asian peoples is 19% a lot, 39% a fair amount, 28% not much, and 14% hardly anything.
  • Women and higher socio-economic NZers are more likely to have personal contact with Asians
  • 89% have contact with Asians through shopping, 67% through their work, 71% through friends, 63% through their neighbourhood community, 61% through school, 53% through clubs, 33% through sports, 29% through marriage, 32% through Asian events and 26% through religion.
  • On a warmth scale fo 0 to 100, NZers rate people from India as 70 (in Australia 57), from Japan 73 (64) and China 69 (56). Warmth is highest amongst those people who actually have a lot of contact with people from Asia.
  • 85% think Asian immigrants contribute to our economy, 82% that they bring valuable cultural diversity, and 64% that they improve workplace productivity

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