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Emissions Trading Scheme Poll

Polling Company: DigiPoll

Poll Method: Random Phone

Poll Size: 514 (4.2% maximum margin of error)

Dates: 20 to 27 June 2008

Client: Exceltium

Report: exceltium-poll-results-final

Emission Tradings Scheme

  • 34.2% support ETS legislation, 24.3% oppose
  • 45.1% thing climate change is caused by humans and am important issues which must be addressed alongside other major global issues such as hunger
  • 49.2% say NZ should be one of the worl’s leaders on climate change and work at the same pace as other countries determined to make a difference
  • 42.8% are prepared to pay an extra $10 a week in energy costs to tackle climate change. At $20 a week only 16.3% are prepared and at $40 a week only 4.8% are prepared.
  • 47.9% agree NZ’s climate change policies are mainly about our politicians wanting to grandstand on the world stage.
  • Only 33.9% think NZ should proceed with the ETS legislation rather than wait a month to see what the Australian scheme looks like.
  • 34.4% say the ETS as written won’t cut carbon emissions enough to make a difference, with 26.7% disagreeing.

Note there are 14 pages of detailed results in the full report.

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